Hi, I'm Naomi Stuart, the Founder of Ambre Clothing. The idea for my business came about during the first COVID-19 lockdown.

As an avid skier and Marketing Director of Snowbility, with a passion for mountains and the natural habitat, I have seen first-hand the devastating disruption that climate change is having on our environment. Reduced snow cover, melting glaciers and river flow changes are having a huge negative impact on our wildlife and to the people who live in some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes.

Desperate to help in some way, but not knowing where to start, I decided to use any spare time I had to start researching and speaking to people about sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion world.

Shocked to learn so many brands were just ‘green washing’, I felt there was a gap in the market for a clothing brand that was environmentally conscious in everything they did.

Good quality clothing for men, women, and gender inclusive, all crafted from organic, recycled, and regenerated materials, certified by trusted global organisations.

Our aim is to remain true to our sustainable and ethical ethos by constantly reviewing and developing what we do and who we partner with. 

This may only be a small step but if we all work together we can help build a healthier world for our children and grandchildren.